Damp Proofing in Liverpool


5KC provide a professional damp proofing service in Liverpool, Widnes, Cheshire and surrounding areas. If your home or business premises suffers from damp then 5KC can help with a wide range and fully tested damp proofing solutions. There are many different causes and types of damp such as rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, etc.


Our company carries out all aspects of damp proofing in Liverpool and guarantees to solve any damp related issue. The key to treating damp in a property or premises is actually diagnosing the correct source of damp in the first place. Not every property will need a new damp proof course as many contractors may tell you. There are often very simple causes of damp which are in many cases are overlooked simply because the person surveying the property wasn't experienced enough or even cared enough to identify the underlying source.

Rising Damp in Liverpool

Rising damp occurs when usually the existing damp proof course has failed, causing damp to bypass the waterproofing barrier and thus allowing damp to rise higher up the wall. Rising damp usually travels about 1 metre up the wall. As damp proofing contractors who deal wih all instances of damp proofing in Liverpool, we are often called out to properties that have been advised they have rising damp and even sold a new damp proof course, only to find that within months the damp they thought had been correctly treated has come back.

One of the most common causes of damp is damp theat is caused by bridging which simply means that something has been placed against perhaps a wall in a property that is allowing damp from the ground to travel over the waterproof barrier or damp proof cause. A common example of this is when maybe the ground level outside hase been highered or maybe a pile of soil has been piled up against a wall to the property. This will allow any damp from the ground present to rise and thus compromise the damp proof course as it is being bridged.Merseyside Damp Proofing

5KC have trained damp proof specialists covering Liverpool, Widnes, Cheshire and most surrounding areas in the North West. We can quickly diagnose damp issues and recommend the correct remedial works that ought to be carried out. If a new damp proof course is required then we will advise accordingly and specify the reasons why. We will also advise on the system that will be used and the benefits associated with it.

Damp Surveys For Mortgage Companies

If you're buying a new property or perhaps even selling a property, then 5KC can provide a damp proof report or survey for the lender should they request one. We can accuraltely advise both you and the lender what the full extent of the damp problem is and how much it will cost for any remedial works that will need to be carried out. This information is vital so that you are not paying a premuim for works that may not be necessary and also to make sure that you are not purchasing a property that needs more damp proofing work that you may have thought or have been advised.

Dry Rot | Wet Rot | Timber Treatments

Damp in a property can also cause additional defects such as timber decay, rot and infestation. If damp or moisture is present and is allowed to continue then it is possible that timbers such as floor joists (common in ground timber suspended floors) can become affected and start to rot. Depending on how severe the rot is will determine the correct course of action to be carried out. At time of survey we can usually determine whether any floors may have been affected by damp or rot but should you require it, and in the case of a more in depth damp proof survey we will lift floorboards and thoroughly inspect the sub floor level areas.

Some properties may have solid concrete floors which and in some cases the DPM (Damp proof membrane) may have failed causing damp to rise through the floor. 5KC Damp Proofing carry out all remedial work to solid floors suffering from damp and can design a system to specifically to tackle any issues.

Damp in Basements and Cellars

Basements and cellars will always suffer from damp if not treated as they are below ground level and susceptible to water penetration from the surrounding earth or ground. There are a different damp proofing systems or sometimes called 'tanking' available to make the area dry, warm and also habitable ir required. Basement conversions are becoming more and more popular now as homeowners or businesses need additional living or operating space and have the available room below. Call 5KC to discuss any of your tanking, water control or basement and cellar conversiions in more detail. Whether it be simply more dry storage space required or a new room for habitable living. Liverpool, Widnes and Merseyside damp proofing contractors 5KC have got you covered!

Damp proofing and timber treatments in Liverpool and Widnes

Insurance & Guarantees

5KC are a fully VAT registered company and carry 5 million pounds public liability insurance as well as 10 million pounds public liability insurance. We offer a full 30 year guarantee on all damp proof work carried out and are also full members of The Federation of Master Builders.

Rising damp Liverpool

Call us today for your free no obligation quotation to see how you can benefit from 5KC's professional damp proofing services. We don't charge anything to come out and look at the work and will advise if any further survey is required. We will provide you with a free and detailed written quotation for the work that is required to solve any damp problems that we have visually inspected.

If you are a lender, house purchaser or require a damp survey / report for any other purpose, call us to discuss any costs that may apply. Should you pay for a detailed survey and you instruct 5KC Damp Proofing to carry out the work, then we will refund the cost of the survey back to you in full so there is no risk or added costs involved whatsoever.

5KC are experts in damp proofing and guarantee to solve any damp related problem. Call us today and allow us to accurately diagnose the cause of damp in your property and ensure you don't pay out for remedial damp proofing treatments that may not even be required. Get it right first time, contact us on 0151 736 0072

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